I no longer have a couch nor a coffee table anymore. It got hauled away this afternoon. With my impending flooring installation coming up, it made me think about how much easier it would be to install the floors without my couch or my coffee table. These two items took up the most area in my living room. I also have had these two items for about ten years. With new floors, I thought it was a good time to also get new furniture.

There is now much more room for the flooring installers to work with, so that should go smoother. The interesting thing is, I haven’t chosen any replacement furniture yet. I did go look at some couches and coffee tables last weekend but nothing stuck out to me as the perfect couch or coffee table. One was the perfect size but the armrests had no padding, so you could feel the wood underneath and it was very uncomfortable. Another felt great but was much longer than my old couch and would probably be way too big for my living room.

The search will continue and I hope I won’t be couchless for too long.

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