I just happened to share an elevator with the strata council president on Tuesday. I asked him if the strata council received my request to change my floors and he said that they did and as he recalls, they approved it. I told him that no one had told me about this. He asked me who I was dealing with to get the request in. I told him it was our strata property manager.

So here’s why I might have not received notice that my flooring request was approved. I may have inadvertently pissed off the strata property manager. She never acknowledged that I sent in my request for a flooring change. My email just disappeared into the ether. I waited two full days before I sent a follow up. She actually replied to my follow up but her tone was angry from the start. From her reply, she basically told me she never got such a request, meaning she ignored it. I had to remind her that I did send it, even after she implied I didn’t send it properly (I did in fact send all the details).

I think she begrudgingly went back and found my email and then forwarded it to strata. She didn’t tell me how I’d be contacted with a decision nor did she give any estimate on when I’d hear back.

It’s not a surprise that I haven’t heard back from her even the strata council approved my changes. It totally sucks that one person can derail your whole renovation just because they don’t like you.

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