Last week, I was in the potato chips aisle of the Safeway downstairs. I was just browsing when I noticed another dude in the aisle with me. When I look at the chips, I am about one or two steps from the shelves, so I can see more of the selection. This guy was right up against the shelves. No one stands that close to the chips but this guy was.

He was also looking down at his waist and it seemed his was fidgeting or making busy movements with his hands, which were in front of him and also around waist level. At first I thought maybe he was jerking it but I stole another glance and I could see and hear the rustling of potato chip packages. He was sorta re-arranging the chip packages, like taking two packages of the same type and just switching them. I didn’t take a lot of time to figure more of this out. He was creeping me out, so I just left the aisle.

I’d never seen this guy before, so maybe he was just passing through. This week, I was back in the Safeway and there he was again. This time, he was in front of a smaller potato chip rack located in the deli section. Again, he was right up close to it, doing his odd re-arranging thing.

It’s clear he has some form of OCD or something similar that compels him to do this. How did he find this Safeway? Where is he from? Where does he live? What’s his story? I am curious but I’m not exactly about to approach him and get these answers. Whatever his story is, I hope he is getting the assistance he needs.

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