I visited my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and parents tonight for dinner. I watched my niece get fed her dinner while she sat in a high chair. She farted while eating, releasing a smelly odour that could have passed for an adult fart. Soon after she had a look on her face that my brother-in-law said signalled that she was defecating.

It was at this point that my brother-in-law decided to take my niece out of the high chair for a diaper change. He had to go upstairs to do that. In the process of going upstairs a giant mound of poo escaped out of her my niece’s diaper, slid along one of her pant legs and then landed on her father’s sock. Three smaller pieces of poo landed on the carpet upstairs. It was smelly and disgusting but par for the course if you’re a parent of an eight month old baby.

My Mom took one look at the situation and told me I should avoid all of this at all costs and not have a child of my own.

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