In a previous post I mentioned that I was selling my old TV on Facebook Marketplace. I had an interested buyer who wanted to give me $60 for it. I agreed to his price but he didn’t realize my TV was about 12 years old. This annoyed me a bit because in my listing, I linked to a webpage that listed all the specs of my TV where you could easily ascertain that the TV wasn’t exactly a recent model. He asked me how old it was and when I answered, he wasn’t interested anymore.

It turned out alright because I found another buyer who wanted the TV for $90. He was a really nice guy, very motivated to pick up my TV on the weekend. I think he drove all the way from North Vancouver to get it. I had no hesitation in helping him move the TV into his SUV.

I hope he enjoys the TV for a long time. I am glad it continues to entertain other people because it remains one of the best electronics purchases I’ve ever made. My TV served me well for over a decade. It didn’t have any problems at all and I played a ton of games on it from the Xbox 360, PS3 to the PS4. It outlasted my Xbox 360 and a few Blu-Ray players as well. I bet it could last for another five years with good care.

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