Over the weekend, the temperature in my apartment has stayed at a hell-mimicking 31 degrees Celsius. For Vancouver, it has been unbearably hot for the last several days. If I had to struggle to remember when it was this hot, it might have been one odd summer night either in 1993 or 1994 when the heat just seemed to be oppressively hot. It has been like that but more so since about Friday.

For the first time that I can recall, school has been cancelled for some local school districts because it is going to be so hot tomorrow. This doesn’t happen in this province usually.

I don’t have air conditioning in my apartment, so respite from this heat has been far and few between. I was cool for about ten minutes when I went inside Safeway for some groceries on Saturday. I was also cool inside my car when I had to run errands on Saturday and when I went to see my family on Sunday. Otherwise, I just suffered in silence.

I did not sleep well on Saturday night. It was just too hot to get comfortable enough for sleep, even though I was exhausted. I am coping by drinking water cooled in my freezer and running a useless fan in my apartment. On Sunday, it was so hot, I didn’t even feel hungry for the entire day. I actually even felt a tinge of nausea at one point.

Hilariously, it supposed to be even hotter on Monday, with a high of 34 degrees, hotter than that if you’re unlucky to be further in land and away from the water. It is supposed to drop down to a “cooler” 28 degrees on Wednesday.

I hope I can get some more rest tonight because I have to work tomorrow.

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