After four years, I now have the ability to heat my living room. I woke up very early this morning to allow an electrician into my home, the first stranger to spend an appreciable amount of time in my apartment since the beginning of the pandemic.

I would later find out that my electrician’s name was Chris. Chris had to cut two exploratory holes in my drywall where my electric fireplace was. This was so that he could location the proper wiring for the new baseboard heater.

Once he understood what was going on behind that wall, he knew had to cut along the bottom of the wall and then across the wall where the new heater was going to. This was required because he had to splice new wire and pull it along. He was able to purchase the exact same heater that is in my bedroom.

The actual wiring and installation of the heater took very little time. Most of the time was spent trying to figure out what the wiring situation was like behind the wall. Chris then had to leave for about an hour to get more wire and also buy my heater.

He was very professional and even vacuumed my living to room to get all the debris cleaned up at the end.

As I’ve mentioned before though, this is just step one. As you can see in the above photo, the baseboard trim has been removed for two of my walls and there are now two holes in the wall where the fireplace used to be. I need to repair the walls and then paint them. I need to start getting quotes on the drywall repairs very soon.

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