In March of 2020, I was preparing my living room so that an electrician could come in and install a baseboard heater. I had removed the only source of heat in my living room, a fake fireplace, a few years prior and it was now time to get a new source of heat. I moved some furniture around so I could remove some baseboards from the walls. My living room was in a “temporary state” when the pandemic hit. The plan was to have some furniture in temporary locations and stuff just set aside for a few days while I made room for the heater and for the electrician to do their work.

The pandemic threw those plans out the window. I had gotten as far as getting quotes from some contractors but imagine having a stranger come into your home during the last few weeks of March of 2020. That would have been crazy.

It’s now May of 2021 and on Thursday morning, an electrician will finally come to install that baseboard heater. More than a year after I had anticipated the work being done, it’s will actually happen this week.

This is actually the first step in a series of home improvements that I will be doing. The next step is to repair some drywall and after that, some painting.

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