So every few weeks, I’ve noticed I lose connection to the Internet in the morning for a few minutes and then it comes back.

It’s not frequent enough to be a major blocker but happens just enough to annoying. At first I contacted my ISP and they said they didn’t see any obvious faults on their end. They were able to tell me though that on a particular day where I reported an outage, their equipment in my building also got reset. They asked if my building had experienced a power outage. It had not. Then they asked me if my building was doing generator testing. I wasn’t sure.

I left it at that for a few days but one morning I had to go run an errand. As I was coming back, I had to use the elevator to go up to my place. While I was waiting for the elevator, the power seemed to be removed from the elevators and all of them stopped working. It was weird because the lights were still on. It was as if there was a selective power outage.

I called the property manager and it turns out my building does generator testing every second Tuesday of the month. This causes all the telecommunications equipment to lose power for a few minutes, along with the elevators. It’s super annoying and there’s nothing my ISP can do.

So every month, I lose my Internet a few minutes in the morning. I’ve learned not to schedule Zoom meetings on the second Tuesday of every month, in the morning. Does this happen to anyone else?

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