My Mom gets her first vaccine shot tomorrow and I am very excited for her. I am also still very nervous. Even with her shot, it still takes two weeks or so for the immunity to build up, so things are still risky for her. I guess it’s risky for everyone in the greater Vancouver area right now.

Record breaking positive cases continue to be logged every week. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that people are aware of more and more sick people in their spheres of influence. For example, in this Reddit post, many people mention knowing more friends, family, coworkers, and roommates who have all tested positive in the last few weeks. What’s especially troubling are the people in that thread who say they caught it even though they are adhering to all the rules: wear a mask everywhere, wash hands, and limit trips to grocery store. That scares me greatly. Is it just a matter of time until everyone who is unvaccinated gets it? Are these variants so contagious that all the preventative measures we do now are ineffective? If so, I feel like I’m just rolling the dice whenever I venture outside my apartment. It’s not a great feeling.

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