My Mom is scheduled to have her first vaccine shot on Wednesday but I’m going to be nervous until then, plus the two weeks or so when she’ll have all the immunity built up from the shot. The situation in British Columbia is currently the most dangerous it has been since the start of the pandemic. Almost every day we break daily case records and today we almost hit 1300 cases in the last 24 hours, which is a new record. The impact of variants plus an infuriating amount of people who don’t seem to care anymore about staying safe has led us to this point.

My Mom’s appointment is six days away, which seems short compared to how long the pandemic has gone on now, but it does seem a long time to wait, given how dangerous things are now. I’ve told to her to be extra careful now, even though I know she doesn’t take a lot of risks anyways. I’ve asked her to let my Dad go into the supermarket or pharmacy instead, since it’s been over two weeks since he got his shot.

It really is now a race to get everyone vaccinated before things get completely out of control. I may allow myself to relax a little in three weeks but until then, my concern is high.

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