It was windy all day today but I ventured outside anyways to get some fresh air and exercise. I brought an umbrella just in case but it wasn’t needed at first, since it was just windy.

The wind died down and then it was just cloudy. The clouds then gave away to blue sky and it was actually sunny for all of perhaps 30 minutes. It was sunny and warm enough that I was getting hot. The weather, however, turned incredibly fast. The blue skies were quickly replaced by large, very dark clouds that were very ominous. The sky got dark and then out of nowhere, it started raining very heavily, with large and forceful drops. It was a deluge straight out of a movie. Then the hail started, an intense hail that was aided by the strong winds that returned again. The hail started coming in from the side. By then I had opened by umbrella but it was almost useless since the wind turned it inside out.

By this time, I was struggling to get home. My pants were wet, as were my shoes. By the time I got back to my apartment, I felt like a wet dog. I stripped off my wet clothes and got into my PJs. It was then I checked the Internet a massive multi-block area of my neighbourhood was without power. I was right at the edge of the affected area but for some reason, my building had power. I was able to make food, hot drinks, and turn on the heat while people the next block over were in the dark.

The power outage for some people lasted well into the night. What a weird and windy day.

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