I have had some junk in my apartment and in my storage locker that I’ve wanted to get rid of for a long time. I had pieces of a mattress frame sitting in my living room for over a year. My old vacuum cleaner taking up space in a closet. I had two computer cases that I had no use for in my storage closet downstairs. A toaster oven that I had no use for. A broken hot water dispenser that I didn’t make time to get rid of.

I suppose individually, I could have posted these on Facebook for sale or taken some of them to a local thrift store but collectively that would have added up to a ton of work. Because I was lazy, I never did get started on any of that.

So, this week, I just decided to call a junk removal service. Their quote seemed reasonable and on Friday, two dudes came to my apartment to take away my junk. It was quite convenient. They called me twenty minutes before arriving. This allowed me to take all of my junk out into the hallway of my apartment, which kept them out of my home, making it safer for both me and the junk removal dudes. They took all of my junk in one trip. The whole procedure took less than ten minutes from start to finish.

It definitely was worth the money I paid because it saved me both time and effort. Both my storage closet and apartment are now less cluttered.

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