I did the most challenging hike in recent memory on Saturday. I tackled the Diez Vistas trail which is Spanish for “ten views”. Lucky for me, I also chose a Saturday that was so cloudy, only two of the ten views were not obscured by a curtain of gray.

The hike was a six-hour ordeal, very steep and challenging in parts. The Buntzen Lake recreational area closes at 7pm this part of the year and I had to run the last bit of the hike to ensure I was able to get in my car and be beyond the gates before they were locked for the evening.

By the time I escaped the gates, I was exhausted, very dehydrated, and hungry. I knew I was dehydrated, so I forced myself to drink water the entire evening. Evidently, I still didn’t drink enough water because the next morning I woke up feeling terrible. It was an odd feeling because I wasn’t just feeling dehydrated, there was more to it. It took me a few hours to realize what it was. I felt like I was hungover, which is something I haven’t felt like in years.

I went downstairs to buy two bottles of Gatorade, came back up, and parked myself on the couch to watch a movie. While watching it, I drank one of the Gatorades. In the two hours that the movie ran, I had to pee three times. Was that the Gatorade working? In any case, I felt way better after drinking the Gatorade.

Parts of my body are still sore. I don’t think I’ll be doing that trail again for a long time.

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