It’s not a great time to be a resident of greater Vancouver area right now. The province announced the highest ever daily case count today, at over 1,000. The record was broken just a few days ago. The trajectory is going in the wrong direction.

It feels like a lot of people are treating the pandemic with less concern than before. I remember a year ago, people were staying home and doing the right things. I see way less of that now. It’s frustrating. I imagine there is a lot of the same behaviour down in the United States but with one massive difference. Their vaccine supply is so plentiful that they are vaccinating at a rate that Canadians can only dream of. My Mom is a diabetic who is 70 years old and it’s still not her turn to get her first shot. The province apparently has sent her a letter so she can get her shot “earlier” but the letter hasn’t arrived yet. Meanwhile, some NHL players based in the United States are starting to receive their vaccine shots now or have already. Now I want to make it clear, they are not getting their shots because they are professional athletes, anyone in their age group, are now eligible, hockey player or not. This just highlights the huge gap between the two countries and their abilities to procure vaccines for their citizens.

In any case, now is not the time to let our guard down here in this province. Despite our vaccine supply woes, the solution doesn’t lie a year away, it’s just a few more months away. We need to continue to be smart and safe.

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