The Starbucks location downstairs closed permanently this week. It wasn’t the only one as hundreds of other locations in Canada were scheduled to be closed by March. This particular location was one of the first tenants in the retail complex below. If I wanted Starbucks coffee, this was where I went. I haven’t been inside that location in over a year and I’m probably not the only one who can say that, which might explain why it closed.

I won’t be going without coffee though. There’s a Starbucks location within the Safeway downstairs. I admit, however, those Starbucks outlets within the Safeway usually isn’t as good as the standalone ones. Speaking of which, there is another real Starbucks location just a three minute walk away. That one won’t be closing, though it is slightly farther away.

More importantly though, the independent coffee scene is strong in my neighbourhood. There is a local coffee shop by the water that has been rated one of the best in the city and next week, another independent coffee shop is opening downstairs as well. I already go to the former quite a bit, looking forward to patronizing the latter soon.

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