This afternoon my stomach wasn’t feeling so great. It was uncomfortable enough that it delayed me from eating lunch for a few hours. I kept on drinking water though because that didn’t bother and also it’s important to keep hydrated throughout the day. As I was getting more water for my glass, I noticed there was a chip missing near the rim. I had no idea when this happened. I poured the water out and there was no piece of glass that I could see. I would have heard it in the sink too.

Of course, I began to think the worst, that I had somehow swallowed the piece of glass and that it was not wreaking havoc in my stomach, ripping it to shreds. I entertained my own panic for a few minutes before logic took over. While I couldn’t prove I hadn’t swallowed this piece of glass, it seemed like it would have been unlikely. The piece was large enough that I probably would have noticed it in my mouth. I also have this habit of never drinking all of the water in my glass before refilling it. Since glass will sink in water, I’m guessing if this piece of glass was in my water, it would have been in the bottom, where it would have stayed.

That glass has now been put aside for recycling and I felt much better later on, enough that I very hungry in the late afternoon. While I’m somewhat confident I’ll be ok, I’ll be watching my poop for glass for the next few days.

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