In the early days of the pandemic, my regular breakfast item was the muffin. With the switch to work from home, it changed my eating habits and what I bought at the grocery store. I needed something quick and easy to eat before my morning meetings. It also needed to come in multiples so I could buy many of them. Blueberry muffins fit the bill for me. I’d cut one in half, spread some butter on each side and then heat them up in my toaster oven.

That was great for a while but after months of eating a muffin for breakfast, it got boring. My breakfast items were pretty random for a while but then I settled down on bagels. They’re kinda carb-heavy but they’re good enough to get me out of bed these days. I usually buy blueberry or sesame seed bagels. I toasted them up and then spread a generous amount of butter on them. There’s a real great crispness to them once they come out of the toaster oven. I know cream cheese is a popular thing to put on a bagel but it’s not as good as butter.

Who knows how long bagels will grab my attention before I get bored of them. For now, it’s the tasty way of starting my day.

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