The CEO of the company I work for sent out an e-mail to all employees today. He wanted to update us on the new timeline for employees returning to our studios for work. Since March of 2020, this date has been unsurprisingly pushed back. If you can believe it, when we all first began working from home, the initial target return date was in two weeks time. Of course that did not happen.

In the latest update, their best guess estimate for a return to our studios is now September of 2021. This lines up with when most countries will have had a chance to vaccinate their entire general population. Though it wasn’t stated in the e-mail, I’m almost certain this was the yardstick by which they used to measure when to return safely.

If this holds true, most of us will have been working from our homes for over a year and a half by the time we all go back. Another spring and summer will be spent at home. We did it last year and I’m sure we can do it again.

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