So, this morning I had a meeting where I didn’t have to join the Zoom call until I was messaged on Slack (imagine reading this sentence just five years ago). This meeting is for sprint planning and it doesn’t make sense to have ten other people on a call, listening to one person’s tasks that they don’t care about. When it’s your turn, they message you on Slack.

I was given an order in which people are going to be called in and I was in the middle of the pack. Now about 20 minutes after the meeting started, I had to go poop. It seemed like the meeting was going long, so I thought I could quickly poop before the meeting got to my turn. I quickly checked Slack and I had no unread messages, so I turned to go toward my bathroom when I heard the Slack notification go off. It was my turn to join the meeting. If that message had come in 15 seconds later, I would have been on the toilet with a messy bum.

Luckily, my part of the meeting only took about five minutes and I got to poop right after I left the call. It does make me wonder how many people have conducted Zoom meetings on the toilet.

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