My former lead engineer on the FIFA team sent me a message on Slack today to ask me how I was doing. He wanted to know how I was fitting in with my new team. That was an incredibly kind gesture on his part. As you might already know, I did not enjoy being on my last team, though it had nothing to do with him. In fact, his understanding nature was one of the few highlights I had.

Still, having a dude on his team that didn’t want to be there definitely added to his list of things to worry about, on top of trying to develop a video game. He had every right to say good riddance but that’s not his style for a classy dude like him.

I was happy to tell him I’m doing really well on my new team and I don’t regret making the move. He was delighted to hear this. I then asked him how he and the rest of my old team was doing. Everything seems to be going as it should be, which means controlled and measured progress on that team.

There aren’t enough good people in this world and when you’re lucky enough to interact with some of them, don’t take it for granted.

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