It snowed for the first time this fall/winter this morning. It was all gone by evening though as heavy rains washed it all away. Despite having a plethora of things I could complain this year, one thing I have no problems with has been the weather. This has been a very mild fall and winter (so far), at least temperature-wise.

We’re approaching the end of December and the only jacket I’ve needed is a light rain jacket that I bought in California last November. Underneath, I might wear a thin cardigan or most of the time, just a t-shirt. Something to keep in mind is that I’m not out in the elements for hours at a time. My walks outside these days are perhaps half an hour max before I’m inside again. Does that factor into how warm I think it is? Perhaps.

On the other hand, I feel like it’s been fairly mild while I’m at home too. Not once this fall have I thought about turning on the heat. When I’m in bed at night, I’m not shivering. I’m still wearing the same set of sleep clothes that I wore in the summer.

As I mentioned above, today was the first snowfall of the season and it was gone in a few hours. As the year ends, I am at thankful at least for the reasonable weather.

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