Almost a month to the day I started working with my new team, I submitted my first batch of changes and additions to the game today. It was more data than actual code that I checked-in but it all helps and is necessary for what I am responsible for.

Normally, I would have preferred to submit my first set of changes on a new team a bit earlier than a month in but I’m not worrying about it on this team. There has been a lot to learn, so it feels a bit normal to wait until now.

For those who are wondering, no I did not break the build on my first check-in. This particular team has a robust submission validation system that compiles and runs your changelist to see if it breaks anything before checking it in on your behalf. Technically, no one should be able to break the build but no system is perfect.

Now that I have things rolling, I will probably do another submission next week.

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