On Friday afternoon, I headed back to the studio to get my company-resourced flu shot. Flu shots are in short supply this year and I’m thankful my employer arranged for us to get our shot and for free. I’ve now been to my workplace just twice since mid-March of 2020.

Getting the flu shot was quick and painless. I would have been in and out of there in five minutes but I was asked to stay in the lobby for 15 minutes after the shot to ensure I didn’t have a bad reaction to it.

Before leaving, everyone who got their flu shot was offered a small care package from the company. In it was an EA branded stress ball, EA branded lip balm, EA branded mints, EA branded candle, EA branded hand sanitizer, ginger lemon tea bags, and oddly ginger chew candies.

I’ve never had ginger chew candies before, so these were of great interest to me. When I think of candy, I don’t immediately think of ginger. I tried one and I didn’t immediately like it. The ginger is kinda spicy. After eating two more though, I understand why people enjoy them. Apparently, there are some medicinal benefits to ginger as well, so it’s a relatively healthy candy. I’d like to see if children would enjoy them. I’m betting they wouldn’t. This is more of an old person thing and I am old as well.

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