As someone who lives in Canada, this nation has struggled with geo-blocking for years. This is when companies, sometimes arbitrarily, block access to content over the Internet based purely on where a person lives. This is especially evident on YouTube, where some videos have the classic, “this video is unavailable in your country” error that pops up when you try to play them.

There are a plethora of videos from Saturday Night Live on YouTube, numbering probably in the hundreds. It seems like most of these were uploaded to YouTube in September of 2013. Most of these videos were unavailable to Canadians until very recently.

Several weeks ago, I noticed that my suggestions on YouTube were filled with SNL videos, some I never knew existed on YouTube and others that I tried to play in the past but was geo-blocked. Now, all of these videos are available to watch for Canadians. Something changed very recently to remove the geo-block.

There are select clips from SNL that I’ve searched for on YouTube in years past, without any success. These clips now show up in my searches. Previously, I’ve had to go to non-YouTube video sites to show some SNL skits in my posts.

For example, the above skit entitled “Evil Boss”, I believe I posted it before but had to settle for a copy that was hosted on a different video sharing site. The above video comes directly the NBC archives.

Depending on where you live and if you’re an SNL fan, there are literally hours of new content to be discovered or re-discovered.

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