Because Canada and in particular British Columbia has handled the pandemic “relatively” well compared to a nation that I won’t name, filming has resumed for several productions in here in the greater Vancouver area. In my neighbourhood, Batwoman has been filming for several days now. On a walk today, I saw a “Gotham Police” car being unloaded for tonight’s shoot.

All of these productions are happening under strict conditions and with new protocols in place. One of the primary protocols is that actors coming into Canada must quarantine for fourteen days and obviously test negative during and at the end of those fourteen days. Some actors cleared quarantine in last August, so they’ve been working for weeks now in Vancouver. For example, Sandra Bullock was filming in Surrey a few weeks ago.

As more productions ramp up here, more actors have to begin their quarantine. Most do the fourteen days in relative silence but actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang has been releasing YouTube videos while he does his two weeks. In the video above, he samples some of the local Asian cuisine here in Vancouver. If you like that video, he just released a new one today, where he tries some of Vancouver’s Vietnamese food. Not to spoil the video, but he finds our Vietnamese food, a bit more authentic compared to Los Angeles.

By the time you read this, Jimmy will probably be done his fourteen days, so he’ll be out and about in Vancouver for realz. If you live here, you might even see him downtown!

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