About a week ago, a new phone case arrived in the mail for me. It was a cheap one, which cost me about $12. The only problem is, the case is for a phone that I currently do not own. It’s been just sitting there, empty since it arrived. Sometimes I’ll pick it up and envision the phone that fits in there, inside the case.

The phone that’s supposed to go in there, the Google Pixel 4a, doesn’t actually go on sale in Canada for at least another week or so. I pre-ordered it in early August. After factoring in shipping time, it won’t get to me until probably September 18 or thereabouts.

Since 2020 has been weird, the accessories like cases and screen protectors for this new phone have been available for sale for months now. Google delayed releasing this phone several times but it didn’t stop manufacturers from finding out the specs and making accessories. I’ve never seen an instance where you could buy a case for a phone about six months before the phone was even publicly revealed.

This is just a minor oddity in a year filled with chaos.

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