Like many of you, I’ve had Zoom installed on my home computers since the beginning of my quarantine to assist in communicating with my co-workers for meetings and one-on-one discussions. I was poking around Zoom and I noticed that our version of it has voice calls enabled. After some experimenting, I realized my work phone number is tied to the Zoom voice calls. So, I can make calls from Zoom and for other people, it looks like I’m calling from my work phone.

I initially just left it at that but then one day, I had to make a call to some business. I was at my computer, doing work, and I still had my headset with mic on as I had finished with a Zoom meeting. Rather than get my personal phone, I decided to just make the call in Zoom. There was a short wait required before I could speak to someone but that was ok because I could continue to still work as I waited. It was really convenient that the call was going through my headset as I didn’t need to put my phone down and then have to pick it up again when someone got to my call. Also, there was no need to put it on the awkwardness that is speakerphone.

I also was quite impressed with the call quality on Zoom. I’m not sure if it’s my carrier’s network (Rogers) or if it’s my phone but it’s so much easier to listen to people speak on a headset than that small speaker on your phone. People’s voice come in crystal clear on Zoom. Lastly, if you’re calling banks or credit card companies, using Zoom allows you to use your keyboard’s num pad to quickly enter in your info.

I guess the conclusion I have come to is that using a headset is the best way to make phone calls. Now if you’re wondering why I didn’t just plug my headset and mic into my phone directly, the one I have isn’t compatible with phones as it plugs into a USB port.

Well, now I know why call centre employees all use headsets, it’s so much easier that way.

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