Many of us have done or seen new things during the last few weeks. Some of us have re-discovered people, procedures, and places. For me, I have been reminded that bananas make for a delicious snack. I know, what a moronic statement to make. I didn’t say that all my revelations here would be groundbreaking.

For weeks now, I’ve been buying more groceries than ever before. You can easily get tired of buying the same fruits over and over again. So, about a month and a half ago, I decided to buy a bunch of bananas. They’re easy to store, come in their own carrying case, and don’t require refrigeration. I had forgotten perhaps how delicious they are just on their own. They don’t need to be put in ice cream or seared in flames, though those two ways of eating bananas is pretty tasty too.

They are a convenient snack, healthy, and works well if you’re needing to stay in your home for days at a time. When all of this is over, there are a few pandemic habits that I hope to carry over, and buying bananas is one of them, even it’s a totally mundane habit to have.

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