Well, now that I know I’ll be working from home until the new year, I’m seriously considering getting a new desk chair. I spend so much time at my desk now that I think it’s worth upgrading. My current desk chair is one that I brought with me when I moved into my apartment about ten years ago. I have no idea how I got it. I don’t remember buying it but I could have bought it and just forgot. It’s also quite possible that I just took it from my parents’ place and moved it into mine.

It’s a simple padded desk chair but the padding on the seat has been smushed into a flat pancake because of my fat ass. You can adjust the height and it allows you to tilt back but that’s about it. It’s not painful to sit in but my ass does get a bit tired sometimes after a few hours because of the lack of padding. The armrests also aren’t adjustable.

If I’m gonna be sitting so much for the foreseeable future, perhaps I should at least sit in better comfort.

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