So I’ve been thinking about trying out more recipes that use a Chinese wok. In the past when I’ve used a wok, I’ve done so with my electric range and for those in the know, the heat you get with such a range isn’t hot enough to make the best use of a wok. The best flavours and caramelization comes a wok heated to the high temperatures from a gas-powered stove.

Now, I can’t install a gas range in my kitchen, that’s just not practical. What is practical is buying a relatively inexpensive portable butane gas stove. It’s perfect for the random times where I’ll need to cook with higher temperatures and it’s easy to store when I don’t need it.

Another added benefit is that it will be extremely handy during emergency situations. Outside of candles and matches, I have no other source of heat in my emergency kit. Having a butane stove would allow me to be able to cook and in a pinch, provide warmth.

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