I returned to work today after being away for almost a week. I don’t know why my company doesn’t have a more clearly defined work at home policy. Commuting wastes so much time in day when I could be working instead. I could actually have a shorter work day but work more hours for my company if I could work from home. Instead of getting ready for work and commuting, I could be at my computer ten minutes after waking up.

Anyways, it was a bit weird being at work again. While I was working at home, the studio changed the security company contract, so it was a completely different set of security people at the front desk. They were not very prepared for their first week. They didn’t know how to give people temporary badges if they forgot their own. They didn’t know how to operate the parking gates, so lots of employees couldn’t enter the campus. They weren’t answering the visitor call boxes when couriers were trying to get access to the shipping dock. It was a mess.

As for the studio and the employees, I saw that some people had decided to continue to work at home. I don’t blame them, it was kinda unnerving to know someone was potentially infected with COVID-19 at work. Even though that employee didn’t test positive, people in the lower mainland continue to come down with the infection. So, staying at home does make things a bit safer.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

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