This afternoon someone from IT came by near but not actually at my desk. They had a cart and were actually delivering something to the person who sits at the desk next to me. The special delivery was a big box containing an Xbox Series X dev kit. As some of you know, the next generation of video game consoles are being released next holiday season. Microsoft is coming out with the new Xbox and Sony is countering with the PS5. Previous to this, I have only briefly glanced at a PS5 dev kit with my own eyes. Dev kits are like the regular retail consoles but with specific hardware and software that makes it possible to develop games on them.

My desk partner got a whole box of goodies, the dev kit itself, cables, instruction booklets, and even the new Xbox controller. I did not get anything. No one has approached me about giving me either a Xbox Series X or PS5 dev kit. I’m not sure why other people got them but not me. I’m am sure it’s because they are more important than I am. This isn’t all bad news however, it just means that because I don’t have any dev kits, I don’t have to fix any Xbox or Playstation bugs.

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