I had really bad gas this evening and by bad, I don’t mean necessarily by volume (though there was a bit of that). I expelled some very malodorous gas tonight, much worse than usual. I can only guess what it came from but my dinner was quite simple. I had pan-fried tilapia, stir-fried gai lan, and steamed rice. It couldn’t have been the rice. There were no sauces involved. The tilapia and gai lan were cooked in avocado oil. They say that some veggies can give you bad gas but I’ve had gai lan so many times in my life and it usually never elicits such a reaction. I’ve also had tilapia before, without any harm. Maybe it was a bad piece of fish? I’ve also never had anything prepared with avocado oil before but I eat avocados all the time.

As I prepare for sleep, this remains a mystery to me. My foul wind continues to blow into the night.

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