I decided today to clean my venetian blinds, which I admittedly, have not cleaned since I moved in, which was many years ago. This things are a pain in the ass to clean and some of them have accumulated a gross amount of dirt. To help with this, I bought a cleaning tool, which cleans two blinds at a time. It only cost me $2 at the dollar store, so anyone buying this on Amazon is getting ripped off.

Anyways, I had a bucket of warm water and got to cleaning. It literally took all damn day and night to clean just five set of blinds. It’s so tedious and time-consuming to do this because I kept having to clean the cloth part of the cleaning tool. The blinds were so dirty, the cloth would be black after just cleaning four individual blinds. I’d have to stop frequently and wash the cloth in the sink with soap, otherwise I’d be just applying dirt back onto the blinds. Then in the early evening, one of the arms of the cleaning tool snapped. Luckily, it was early enough for me to go back to the dollar store downstairs and get a replacement.

It took so long to get everything clean that I am not looking forward to cleaning these blinds for a while. The tool I used, while it gets the job done, takes too long to clean, even at two blinds at once. I’m now wondering if I should just a get a massive microfiber mop, like a giant Swiffer and just run it along both sides of my blinds in big strokes. That probably would have been 100x faster. Next time.

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