I actually had no idea where my new desk was this morning. Even though I had seen the location on a map, I’d never been there, in that exact spot before. It took about two minutes of randomly walking around before I spotted the guy who sits next to me, after which I followed him to my area.

It took my about two hours to unpack, arrange, and connect all my equipment together. There are so many wires for all my monitors, TV, dev kits, and computer. Because my desk can move up and down via an electric motor, I had to place my computer on my desk surface as well. I’ve never done that before. It does take up a bit of space but it prevents cables from having to be super long to accommodate the rest of the desk moving.

The consensus is that many people on our new floor, myself included, are packed in tighter than on our previous floor. I used to have a bit more space next to and behind me. There also seems to be less light in our area. I believe this is because our windows now face a massively tall concrete retaining wall. Previously, I had windows that had a clear view of the sky and the mountains to the north. It was picturesque. Now, all we see is grey.

I have yet to work in a standing configuration for any length of time. I gotta try that out tomorrow.

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