So I have some friends who live in Northern California and if you didn’t know, the local power utility, PG&E is actually having scheduled power outages that lasts for days in some cases. This is to prevent wildfires from happening because it’s been proven that the power company’s equipment has caused fires to start in the past. That’s a crazy situation.

One of my former co-workers and friend, went three straight days without any power. He does not live in the bush or anything. He lives in a regular suburban area, dense with people. A whole 72 hours without any power. Imagine if that was you. Three days without power is a very long time to not have electricity if you think about it.

We may complain about B.C. Hydro once in a while but they’ve never had to shut off the power purposefully for thousands of people for days on end because their equipment was lighting the land on fire.

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