The entire floor that I work on at the studio is moving this week. We’re on the 4th floor and we’re moving to the 2nd. This is to accommodate some renovation plans which will begin in a few months. Space is incredibly tight at the studio and this is with several hundred people who have already temporarily relocated to a satellite office in the Still Creek area.

Tomorrow I need to pack up all my stuff at my desk, which includes my workstation, TV, multiple console dev kits, controllers, office supplies, and a bunch of other random stuff. Since everything needs to be packed up and ready to move before 4pm, we get to all go home early.

A moving company will move all our stuff down two floors over the long weekend. On Tuesday morning, I’ll have to unpack everything at my new desk. I already know where I’m sitting. It’s not particularly close to a window, which is a bit of a bummer. I’ll be sitting next to different people, which is fine, because it’ll be a good opportunity to get to know them better.

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