The final trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out this week. This will be the third and last movie in the latest trilogy of the movies that started when Disney bought Lucasfilm. I have not seen the trailer and don’t intend to. I have become quite disillusioned by the first two movies. Overall, my opinion is those movies are quite frankly, terrible. As with many adults, I became a huge Star Wars fan when I was a child. Child me would be very disappointed in how little joy I derive from these latest movies. The first one, The Force Awakens, was a poorly executed rehash of parts of the original trilogy. The second, The Last Jedi, had a nonsensical plot and even featured a first in Star Wars lore, a low-speed chase through space.

I care for none of the new characters in this trilogy. I have nothing invested in their story and each one could live or die at the conclusion and I would not feel one way or the other. As maligned as the prequel trilogy was, it made me an even bigger fan of Obi-Wan Kenobi. I hold in great reverence the story of old Ben Kenobi, his life, his adventures, and his impact on the galaxy. I feel none of that for any of these new characters.

Will I see this new movie in December? Yes, eventually, just to close the chapter on this. I’ll see it once and be done with it.

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