In an earlier post, I wrote that I was cat-sitting for a friend and co-worker while he was out of town. I’ve been spending some of my evenings with his cat since Monday. Today was my last evening of duty as my friend returns home from Germany on Friday.

It had been going pretty routinely every evening. I refill the wet and dry cat food dishes, give the cat some fresh water, and I clean the cat litter boxes if necessary. I then watch TV for about twenty or thirty minutes with the cat before I leave.

This evening, I was in the TV watching stage, with said cat on the coffee table in front of me, while I was on the couch. He began grooming himself while I watched in amusement. I was about two or three feet away from him while he was doing this when he made a weird sound. I then felt something on my face. It took me a few seconds for me to realize what happened. He had sneezed and some of whatever he sneezed out got on my face. I wasn’t sure if some of it got in one of my eyes. When I realized he had sneezed, I backed off considerably, and then he sneezed again! I took a couch cushion and used it as a shield. The little dude sneezed two more times!

I got up, went to the bathroom, and washed my face, and I even flushed out the eye that may have gotten his sneeze boogers in it. I left not long after that. The nerve of that cat to sneeze on me, how very rude.

It’s late in the evening now but my eye seems fine but we all know how these things go. I probably have feline AIDS.

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