Late this afternoon, an unfinished trailer for the game I’ve been working on was released to the Internet. I won’t link to any copies of it because I feel like the trailer deserves to be seen when it’s done and not in a rough cut with missing elements. I haven’t been told how the leak happened but there are people who know more details than I do. I always wonder how things get out onto the Internet when they’re not supposed to. I hope to get the full story of what happened this afternoon.

Whoever leaked the trailer also knew some aspects of my employer’s future plans as well. The divulging of these details was less widely reported, but in my estimation, that info was much more damaging that the trailer itself.

When info, images, and trailers leak out early like this, lots of marketing plans go out the window. People have to scramble to adjust and it causes a lot of headaches and work. It will be an interesting a few days ahead.

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