For the last two days, I’ve had a visitor on my balcony. At least during the day, a bird has been using my balcony as a staging or resting spot. In the mornings, I can hear flapping of wings and when I quietly look out my windows, I can see a dark-coloured bird sitting on the railing or on the edge of my balcony. I don’t know what type of bird it is. Is it a juvenile seagull or crow?

It seems to be waiting for something. It also appears to be looking at something close by at another building. The roofs of the buildings around us serve as seagull nests and I wonder if this is a seagull that has been pushed out of the nest and is on the verge of entering adulthood. I’m not a rocket bird scientist, so I’m not sure.

I hope it sticks around for a few more days. It’s been quite interesting having him or her on my balcony.

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