Last Monday, I saw a man, who I did not know, with his pants and underwear off. I was at work and was looking to use the washroom. At that time, I was at the washrooms near the cafeteria, where it’s just a bunch of personal stalls with doors that go from floor to ceiling. The lock on the outside of each stall door shows white for unlocked and red for locked. I saw the closest “white” and unlocked door and opened it.

I expected to see the shiny white porcelain of a toilet bowl that I was about to put some of my human waste into. Instead, I saw a man who I did not recognize, sitting on the toilet, pants around his ankles, and who was very surprised to see the door open on him. He kinda freaked out and started saying “sorry” over and over again. He also pushed the door closed. I was like, “whoops” and just went to the stall next to his, which was also unlocked and thankfully actually empty.

I don’t feel bad at all that I walked in on this half-naked man, doing his business on the toilet. Who the hell doesn’t lock the door behind them upon entering a public washroom stall? Geez, it’s pretty much the first thing everyone does. It’s not like I caught him right after he walked into the stall. If I had, he’d still have his pants on. Instead, he was well into his waste disposal procedure.

Luckily, I don’t know who the hell this guy was as I didn’t recognize him. I hope I taught him a good lesson.

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