At one of our satellite offices at work, someone posted a message to Slack, with a picture, stating that someone had blocked one of the toilets and just left it there.

The accompanying picture showed a toilet with water that was varying shades of brown, getting darker in colour in the deeper parts of the bowl. There was also toilet paper in the bowl. It looked like someone had blended a giant poop. It was disgusting.

As you can imagine, the message elicited quite a response from the other people working in that location. One person chimed in that they encountered a similar sight in the women’s washroom on the same day. What’s going in that location?

A facilities ticket was created for the blockage to be cleared. I wonder what the person who caused the blockage thought or felt once their poo was shown to hundreds of people. We’ve all had washroom blunders and emergencies but rarely have they been broadcast onto the Internet after the fact.

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