On the weekend, I was doing the some deep spring cleaning of my closets and I discovered some chequebooks that I forgot I had. When you’re an adult stuff like this is genuinely exciting because I thought I had run out of cheques. CIBC wanted to charge me $50 for a new set of cheques and I balked at the idea. Instead, I started using my Tangerine chequing account since I already had cheques with them and their re-order fee is only $20. I did this despite using my CIBC chequing account is way more convenient. To write a Tangerine cheque, I have to move money between accounts from one bank to another. It’s definitely a hassle but I put up with it because I don’t want to give CIBC money for new cheques.

Now that I have these re-discovered cheques, life gets a little bit easier.

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