I discovered this weekend that I accidentally burned myself with that hot water bottle I was using on my back at night. I sorta did two things that they warn you not to do with a hot water bottle. You’re not supposed to use really hot water in it. I wasn’t dumb enough to use purely boiling water but I did mix some boiling water with colder water to ensure the ensuing mix was hot enough. I guess I didn’t use enough cold water or I used too much boiling water. Second, you’re not really supposed to put the hot water bottle directly on your skin. It’s best done over a towel, blanket, or an item of clothing. I used it under my sleep shirt, right on my skin.

So dummy me only discovered I actually did have a burn when I looked at my back in the mirror. It didn’t hurt at all, so I wasn’t even aware of it. I contorted my body to get a picture of it and it looked like a minor burn. I did remember on Thursday evening that the bottle was extremely hot on that portion of my back, enough so that I had to quickly pull it off at one point. That’s must be when and where it burned me.

The good news is that my back no longer is sore and I haven’t had to use the hot water bottle for three days now. If I have to use it again, I will try not to burn myself in the process.

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