I’ve been having a simple sandwich and a small salad for lunch pretty much every single work day since January. Yesterday, I decided to change it up and I got a cheeseburger and tots for lunch instead. It was alright, not even that greasy, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

The burger and tots made me feel kinda bleh almost immediately. I felt more tired than usual in the afternoon and the meal just sat there in my stomach longer than usual. If there was one benefit of changing it up, it was that I didn’t feel hungry at all in afternoon. I normally have a small snack around 3pm or 4pm but this was not required.

Based on how the burger and tots made me feel, I decided to go back to the sandwich and salad lunch for today. I felt much better afterwards. There are some benefits to eating the same thing everyday, though there can also be pitfalls if you’re not careful.

2 thoughts on “LUNCH DEVIATION”

  1. Being in an environmental organization, more and more of the catered meals I am having for lunch at conferences are vegetarian. I’m finding a noticeable difference in post-meal energy amongst participants. It does seem to really help, but you do need to provide an afternoon coffee/tea snack break.

  2. Yeah, I would prefer to have to eat more frequently is that meant I could have more energy throughout the day.

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