The men’s washroom on my floor at work is frequently place where I, unfortunately, smell some of the worst odours on campus. I may do my pooping in the individual stalls at cafeteria washrooms but for convenience sake, I go to the men’s washroom. It is convenient but at times, it’s also much more stinky. It’s been that way for years, stinky years.

Last week, I walked into the washroom to relieve myself when I instantly hit with a pleasant surprise. It smelled like fresh and fragrant fruits. Strong hints of mango permeated the air. It wasn’t a clinical and industrial scent either. It honestly smelled great. What was causing this?

When I stepped up to the urinal, I discovered the cause. In the urinal were these new urinal screens that you see above. On the product page from the manufacturer, you can see these screens actually release a scent when water and urine make contact with the screen. They are also designed to minimize splash-back, so you don’t get your own (or someone else’s) pee on your clothes or legs.

I’m hoping they change the fragrance every month. I wonder what “Midnight Sky” smells like? This has made peeing at work a much more enjoyable experience.

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