In the above video, Matt Stonie attempts to eat 350 packs of Pop Rocks. When I was a kid, Pop Rocks were the most fascinating candy I had the chance to see and taste. They weren’t commonly found, at least in the shops I were able to get to. There would be the odd time that I was able to go somewhere new to shop and the store’s candy aisle might have Pop Rocks. Oh man, what a treat it would be if they did!

Pop Rocks were such an exotic thing to me. It was a candy that made sounds in your mouth and also gave you that weird sensation as the little bits “popped”. Plus, it was candy after all, so that was great too. It was a delight to my ears and mouth (in different ways). Luckily, since the candy was somewhat difficult to purchase for me, I didn’t eat a whole lot of it when I was younger. It remained a special treat and I probably have most of my teeth because of that.

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