At around 4pm this afternoon, it began to snow again. It was a very light snow at first but half an hour later, it started to come down heavy, with big wet flakes of snow. People at work started to leave in great numbers when that happened.

I stuck around until 5pm before leaving. My bus needs to go up a hill and I was afraid if I waited too long, the new snow would make that hill too treacherous to pass. I wasn’t the only one to think that. When I got to the bus stop, I had to watch five full buses pass me by before there was one with enough space to even stop at my stop.

It was smooth sailing after that but it continued to snow until around 9pm, at which point it turned into rain. The temperature is now above zero and it seems like it’ll stay there overnight. The rains have not subsided, so I imagine I’ll wake up to a slushy mess tomorrow. At least, I’ll be able to get to work though.

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